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AAPG's international meeting in Barcelona, Sept. 21-24, will feature more than just an outstanding technical session and exhibition; field trips will take advantage of Spain's spectacular geology, including this scene, where the Noguera Ribagorzana River cuts through Congost (canyon) de Mont-rebei in the southern Catalan Pyrenees. Carbonate beds, here gently dipping to the north, were deposited in marine platform environments.
Photo by Ramon Torres-Uriach, courtesy of Consell Comarcal del Pallars Jussá.

Stephen A. Sonnenberg has assumed the leadership of AAPG's Executive Committee for 2003-2004.

Shallow water, deep gas: In the scramble to find and produce new gas resources, operators are looking to the Gulf of Mexico to save the day.

A helping hand? Perhaps, because a new royalty relief initiative is being proposed by the Minerals Management Service.

Go east, young geologist, go east? Thanks in part to Cold War era surveillance work, offshore East Africa is garnering renewed scientific and industrial interest.

The story of the deepwater Tahiti discovery continues to unfold, confirming that giants still stand tall in the Gulf of Mexico.

Can anything be done about negative perceptions of the oil and gas industry? The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board is trying to prove the answer is "yes."

OTC technology session
looks at the pros and cons of new technological developments.

Live Long and Prospect! This year's AAPG Prospect and Property Expo is coming soon.

Two more funds have been added to the list of grants offered through the AAPG Foundation Grant-in-Aid Program

Despite facing plenty of global uncertainties (war, SARS, the economy, etc.), nothing could derail the spirit -- or ultimate success -- of the AAPG Annual Meeting.

Pictorial Review

Thanks to another's investment in his life Sydney Powers Medalist Peter Vail was able to start down a career path which rewarded not only him but the industry he served.

Watch for your ballot about the e-ballot. Yes, the House of Delegates approved voting via the Internet and now the members need to declare their choice.

What's the REAL problem? That's right. Is it PR? Is it access? The debate on acquiring rights to public lands continued in this technical session.

Take an obscure man who made a great contribution to society. Write about it and you have a story people want to read.

John Darley challenges geoscientists to optimize technology to develop hydrocarbon resources.

Timing, teamwork and technology contributed to the success stories of the lives of the lives of the featured lecturers at the Michel T. Halbouty Lecture.

Security manager, Bobby Gillham, discussed global security issues at the DPA's luncheon. A well-timed speech on the day more terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia headline the news.

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