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Pharmacist and amateur photographer Robert Goodell was on Captain Don's Whale Watching Tour off Coal Point in the Santa Barbara Channel when he snapped this photo of a humpback whale broaching near Platform Holly. Humpbacks and Blue whales are prolific in the area during the summer months, feasting on the krill that thrive near the platforms. A series of articles notes how the industry tries to live as peacefully with activists as whales do with oil production.

New Officers announced for 2003-04.

The results are in: Members shared their thoughts and preferences about AAPG via the recent official survey of our membership.

Is it possible for an oil company to survive -- and even hrive -- in a place where people don't like the oil industry? Before answering, consider the case of California-based Venoco.

Fighting the "good fight" ... this geologist helps the environmentally conscious understand her job.

December 7, 1941 is a day that lives in infamy. But January 29, 1969 is another date that was made infamous, due to the Santa Barbara Channel oil spill that changed the course of exploration history.

Guess who won the recently concluded AAPG membership drive contest?

Tough question? Not really. This simpler answer makes it easier to understand.

Outcrops in Spain that may hold secrets to understanding deepwater reservoirs are providing new clues to scientists, thanks largely to new 3-D laser technologies.

Geologists working the Gulf of Mexico discover that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a suite of 3-D images is worth an encyclopedia's set of knowledge.

Technical training center offers a place for geoscientists to brush up their computer skills.

What's new on the AAPG Web site? The answer is plenty -- even if you visited the site just yesterday.

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