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Geology As Disaster! Let’s get down to the core of this: When Hollywood takes aim, is it too much to ask for some science with your fiction?

Commentary: Energy budget cuts ... one man's evaluation

Salt Lake City is the site of the 88th AAPG Annual Meeting -- and the program is as compelling as the setting is beautiful.

Lunch, lecture and book signing ... highlights of the All-Convention Luncheon with speaker Simon Winchester, author and journalist.

When it comes to talking about new discoveries, convention organizers have designed a new way to discuss something new.

Access to public lands for natural resources development continues to be a hot-button topic for much of the United States -- but in the Rocky Mountains, it is becoming a “battleground.”

Noted oilmen to discuss their track records for discovering oil and gas fields in the Rocky Mountain region as Michel T. Halbouty Lecture series guests.

Internactive E-posters, not the "usual" poster but still offers a high-tech venue for high-tech discussions.

Head of Global Security discusses security measures during DPA Luncheon.

Nanga Parbat: Naked Mountain, a documentary directed by a geologist and his wife is featured at the convention theater.

EarthScope, a new earthscience initiative exploring the three-dimensional structure of the North American continent.

Exploration success stories will be featured in this year's history forum.

Awards ceremony, part of the opening session, to capture excitement and triumps of the industry.

Peter Vail, who over his distinguished and prolific career has fired many a shot heard ’round the geoscience world – is this year’s Sidney Powers medalist.

Quiz time: What do you know about the impact of increased domestic exploration on imports?

Membership Drive concludes

GIS-UDRIL a new method to drill down to the reservoir of online data. See just what GIS-UDRIL is.

When they say Utah has amazing geology, they aren’t kidding. AAPG member Peter Link captured this view of the awe-inspiring, swirling beauty of Antelope Canyon, located in the southeast portion of Utah. Attendees to this month’s AAPG Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City will have a chance to see this view -- it’s only a few hours away by car -- and other examples of geologic beauty that many find just as spectacular.

Business Side of Geology:
Myth of the Prospector Lingers
Director's Corner: It’s Not Been a Mickey Mouse Year
Geophysical Corner: Stress Direction Hints at Flow
International Bulletin Board: Registration for Barcelona Opens; Hedberg Postponed
President's Column: Our Big, Audacious Goal Is Attainable

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