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Guess who's to blame for the current woes faced by the seismic industry? Next, guess who's got some ideas about how to make things better.

Response to quantity of seismic data so quiet it's deafening.

Seismic technology: What's ahead? A road full of advances in computing, digital recording, massive channel counts, 3-D imaging, time-lapse 4-D ... just to name a few.

They're not just for oil anymore: Seismic technologies are proving their value in the environmental arena.

State-of-the-art 3-D seismic technology led to a major gas discovery -- and perhaps much more -- in South Africa.

Quality Control: In the world of seismic this could be a phrase to fear but objectivity is the better approach.

A recent geologic study may shed light on the New Madrid, a mid-western U.S. seismic zone that is much discussed but little understood.

Five "legendary" oil finders share their stories with a standing-room-only crowd in Houston.

Quiz time: Does the public really dislike the oil industry? I mean, really ... ?

Membership Drive update: The race to Barcelona is heating-up.

Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City Update

Cairo Technical Awards Announced

Two Books Introduced through AAPG Bookstore

Spring Student Expo


The road has been bumpy lately for the geophysical industry, but even the roughest roads can be overcome. This month's EXPLORER takes a look at the industry's problems, triumphs and potential for recovery and success -- including a glimpse of the next generation of technological advances.
Cover illustration
by Rusty Johnson
Photos courtesy of WesternGeco, Tom Temples and Fairfield Industries.

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