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AAPG Member Survey: It shouldn't take long but it sure covers a lot!

Too much information: When it comes to oil and gas exploration, how much data is enough -- and when is it too much?

When a panel of experts talked in Austin about the future of oil and gas in North America, a surprising consensus emerged: Get ready for the age of natural gas.

They're young, they're old, male and female, company men and independent strivers. What, then, makes these varied people successful oil finders?

Anthropology and energy exploration may seem to be strange bedfellows, but when it comes to global efforts in exotic locations, it's an increasingly valuable marriage.

Teacher of the year: New Mexcio earth science teacher mixes Navajo heritage into geoscience studies.

Membership Drive update: Those people sitting next to you at work may be your ticket to Barcelona.

Our man in Houston: AAPG representative Mike Barnes is paving the way for better services and marketing of AAPG products in the heart of exploration central.

Quiz time: Why does the Middle East have all the oil? (Careful, this might be a trick question.)

A one-day symposium on the global future of oil and gas exploration has been added to the schedule for APPEX London.

Report on Societies: What are affiliated socities of AAPG doing with K-12, universities and other organizations?

OCS report ... is it time to increase production in the Gulf of Mexico? Is increase possible?

Thanks to the dramatic and often miraculous developments and advances in technology, today's explorationist should have no trouble finding data to help in the hunt for hydrocarbons. But is it possible to have too much information? Some successful geologists share their experiences and insights into the challenging world of data.
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by Rusty Johnson

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