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When it comes to oil and gas discoveries, 2002 will be remembered for quality rather than quantity.

A massive deepwater natural gas discovery off the eastern coast of India could have profound significance for a nation trying to meet the growing energy needs of its population.

Recent exploration successes in Equatorial Guinea are boosting one of the world's poorest countries to become one of the world's fastest growing economies.

The recent discovery of a spectacular gas hydrate glacier outcropping on the sea floor of Canada's Pacific margin focuses attention on a potentially huge energy resource.

Survey Sez? Analog analysis remains useful in the field

Two oil company geologists decide to do something good -- and literally walk themselves into the hearts of hundreds of Javanese.

Is there room in today's high tech information age for good, old-fashioned geologic analogs?

Quiz time: How long does it take discovered oil to become gasoline at the pump?

AAPG Highlights:

Membership Drive update: New applications have been received from every Section and Region -- and the trip to Barcelona remains up for grabs.

A one-day symposium on the global future of oil and gas exploration has been added to the APPEX London schedule.

Education survey: Echo Sounder

Grants-in-Aid time

There's a controversy brewing over extinctions at Utah's popular and scientifically valuable National Dinosaur Monument, but this has nothing to do with prehistoric creatures; it's all about the paleontologists at the park who study the creatures. Check out the story.
Photos of Steamboat Rock (top) and Elephant Toes Rock courtesy of Rich Jehle with the National Park Service.

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