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This story will bug you: Biosteering is making a huge impact in today's global quest for and production of oil and gas.

Technological advances continue to change the world of downhole geology to a dramatic degree. Coming soon to an oil field near you: "real time" operations.

Getting down to it: Virtual reality takes a giant step forward via a new technology in allowing geoscientists to be completely immersed in data.

Past, Present, Future: Divining the subsurface by studying topographical features through downhole technology.

The AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cairo proved to be an experience as interesting as the Land of the Pharaohs.

GCAGS Meeting Report

A Commentary: Is the Gulf of Mexicoa the result of a direct hit?

Quiz time: Why does the price of gasoline rise before a holiday?

Membership Drive update: A front-runner has emerged in the race for Barcelona, and committee members are named for AAPG's global recruiting effort.

APPEX -- AAPG's successful Prospect and Property Expo is once again going global, heading back to London, England, as part of the Institute of Petroleum's IP Week.

For explorationists, having better data almost always leads to a better understanding of the subsurface -- and this month the EXPLORER is taking a deeper look at the emerging trends and technologies of downhole geology. Among the recent developments, a way to virtually explore for hydrocarbons with technology that places geoscientists inside the data.
Photo courtesy of Schlumberger.

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