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Daniel L. Smith has assumed the leadership of AAPG's Executive Committee for 2002-2003.

AAPG officer candidates for the 2003-2004 term have been announced by the Executive Committee.

A discovery well that drilled on the outskirts of a state park has tapped what could be the largest modern find in that state's history -- and may touch off a new era for the Illinois Basin.

Surprise! A giant gas field currently being explored has a trillion cubic feet of natural gas every seven square miles -- and it's just north of Fort Worth, Texas.

A report calling for immediate action to preserve and make available U.S. geoscience collections and data gets a "positive reception" in Washington.

Geologists are trained to deal with uncertainties, right? One geologist talks about being in a perfect location to put that training to the test: Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

APPEX: This year's AAPG Prospect and Property Expo is taking shape as a "Must" event for everyone in the industry.

New named grants are added to the Grants in Aid program of the AAPG Foundation

Call for papers is extended for the Annual Meeting for 2003. Plans are underway for the Salt Lake City meeting.


Geologists who attend an AAPG annual meeting in Utah can be treated to something more than the usual technical papers and convention-related activities. Utah provides a magnificent geologic setting that is beautiful, dramatic and educational. One of Utah's many geologic wonders graces this month's cover: A view of the Double Arches, found in Arches National Park in southeastern Utah.
Quote by Henry David Thoreau, photo by AAPG member Peter Link.


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