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Let's make a deal -- online. Electronic data rooms are gaining in popularity as a good place for geologists to do business.

One sale that worked

Geologists and their companies have become players in a 21st century battleground involving computer systems: Unix vs. PCs.

A commercial computing venture has a noble goal in mind -- to digitize every paper log in the United States.

VR chamber uses data to create a 3-D world to immerse scientists into to get a better view.

Washington State Licensing Deadline: June 30


President's Column:
Finis: Closing Out The Year Inventory
Business Side of Geology:
Real Problem -- Or an Abstraction?
Geophysical Corner:
3-D Images Active Gas Changes
International Bulletin Board:
Meetings in Cairo and China highlights
Divisions' Column:
DEG Celebrates 10th Year

AAPG Members Elect Sonnenberg, Lloyd, Weimer

APPEX ready for registrants

Testimony: AAPG secretary Charles Mankin testifies at a congressional hearing on resource assessment methodology.

Sunday in the park with George (the geologist)? A group of highly-skilled geologists are winning rave reviews as volunteers in the Geoscientist-in-the-Park program.

Northern exposure: AAPG opens its newest training and development center, the Geoscience Professional Development Centre, at Canada's University of Calgary.

A salt body in the Gulf of Mexico proved the perfect proving grounds for a new geologic technique designed to reduce risk and improve seismic imaging both beneath and below the structure.

Once upon a time the world of computers was closed to all but those who had years and years of specialized training -- but those days are long gone. Computers are faster, more powerful and -- thanks to training classes that can help you no matter how OLD you are -- more accessible than ever. They're not just a tool, but a necessity of every geoscientist, and this month is the EXPLORER's annual "Computers in Geology" issue, featuring several stories that bring you up-to-date on the impact on the profession and industry.
Cover design by Rusty Johnson; photos courtesy of Rudi Meyer (top left) and Seismic City Corp.
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