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Seismic permit issuesRegulations regarding seismic exploration on federal land -- an important factor in any program, but especially in the U.S. West, where so much of the land is federal acreage -- are causing companies and crews to rethink their operations.

Yes, technology is a factor for success in the field -- but did you know it's also a factor for success before you go out into the field? Call it the 3-D seismic advantage.

Frontier: Appalachian BasinIt took a long time, but one geologist finally helped prove the deep reservoir potential of the Trenton-Black River formations in the Appalachian Basin.

Potential in U.S.Look out below! For successful drilling project, exploration strategies are going to have to dig deeper -- and that could be good news for the eastern U.S. Midcontinent.

Exploration? Exploitation? A new study looks at the emerging trends -- and what they mean -- for the region known as Northwest Europe.

AAPG takes its first steps in bringing training centers to the international arena by dedicating a new facility for the training and development of professional-level geoscience skills at London's Imperial College.

This is Jack Thomas -- geoscience director of AAPG.

South Fork of Mill Creek, near Moab, Utah.

Photo by Jerry Sintz, courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management.

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