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The industry's and profession's spectacular heritage will be examined and celebrated this month as the AAPG Annual Meeting gets under way in Houston.

Tradition is fine, but one exploration company decided to reject status quo thinking and conventional wisdom. The result: Crazy Horse.

Deepwater Operations: An executive session will look at the risks, rewards and obstacles involved -- from a variety of perspectives -- in bringing deepwater finds on line.

Energy Forum: learn more about current efforts to put a national energy policy in place and perhaps help shape the debate.

Pictures of the world from space offer a new view worth looking at!

Heaven-sent blessings? Geologists discuss the exploration potential of impact craters.

Award ceremony during the opening session to include 31 honorees.

R&D's Future: Lack of understanding seeps into the halls of Congress where significant funding issues for future research and development hang in the balance.

Harsh reality of Canada: Competing head-to-head with the best opportunities available worldwide, Canadian exploration plays have attracted the attention of American E&P companies.

DPA Forum: As the new century gains momentum, the industry pace quickens. This dynamic has impacted the way business is done today.

Teacher Awarded: No spoon feeding from this teacher but creativity and seeking their own answers lead to a great learning experience.

Convention Theater highlights technology

Lunch at the meeting: Texas U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, a leader in the U.S. congressional effort to pass a comprehensive national energy policy, will speak at the All-Convention Luncheon in Houston.

His brilliant career: James Lee Wilson, a world-class paleontologist, stratigrapher, sedimentologist and educator, reflects on it all as this year's winner of the Sidney Powers Memorial Medal.

Everyone seems to agree that fuel cells are going to revolutionize our lives. The big question is: When?

Romantic science? out of the shadows and into the light, author Simon Winchester discusses his new book that highlights William "Strata" Smith's contribution to geology.

Geology under attack: Voices raised to fight the removal of geology from education curriculum of state schools.

House of Delegates meeting includes COCBAP 2, resolution issues, rules and procedures changes, officer nominations, and awards.

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Our annual meeting cover (click to enlarge), like our annual meeting, celebrates the profession's heritage while recognizing the future's potential. The central image is the drilling operation at Crazy Horse, the historic Gulf of Mexico discovery that is a centerpiece not only of the annual meeting but also of the industry and the profession. Photo courtesy of BP. Other photos courtesy of AAPG, D.E. Winchester/U.S. Geological Survey, Wesley K. Wallace, NASA, Western Geophysical and Don Burch.


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