Obstacles to exploration come in all shapes and sizes these days -- whether it's an iceberg that could threaten offshore operations in the Grand Banks of the Canadian offshore (top), or a complex, intricate reservoir in Venezuela that demands the very latest and most precise of technology (bottom).

This month's EXPLORER takes a look at what's going on in the world, and how these -- and other -- obstacles are being overcome.

The bottom line?

The past year of exploration wasn't all that bad, and the future, according to many, looks better.

Cover photos are courtesy of Provincial Airlines Limited Environmental Services of St. John's (top) and Petrozuata (bottom).

A third candidate is placed on the ballot in the election race for AAPG treasurer.

Here's some good news: At least some analysts believe positive trends are looming for the energy industry.

Exploration Activities: When it comes to finding oil and gas potential, the past year's exploration activities may have been very good, indeed.

An EXPLORER perennial: A list showing the top oil and gas discoveries for 2001.

Neither rain, nor sleet, now snow nor the mountains of iceberg alley are stopping the industry in the Canadian East Coast offshore.

Anchorage gas diminishing: Natural gas, that is. Economics force a look at coalbed methane.

Technology innovations in horizontal drilling and geosteering unlock the vast reserves of the Venezuela field Petrozuata.

Teacher of the Year: Kevin Leineweber teaches what our natural resources are, how nature provides them and how man discovers, extracts and uses them.

Read all about it! A Canadian geologist working in West Africa is bringing -- and shipping -- geology and other earth science books to students there who are hungry to learn.

Student Expo set to follow AAPG Annual Meeting

Online Learning: AAPG introduces a new avenue for training.

House of Delegates introduces officer candidates.


PRESIDENT'S COLUMN: What Is the Secret?

BUSINESS SIDE OF GEOLOGY: Foul Ups? Let Us Count the Ways


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