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Shockwaves ripple across the world ... Initial reactions and observations from leaders within AAPG about 9/11.

2002 Honors and Awards

AAPG Vice President candidates Christopher P.M. Heath and Peter M. Lloyd, explain why they accepted the invitation to be candidates for AAPG office. All Officer Candidates

MMS Assessment: The numbers speak for themselves: The Gulf of Mexico continues to be the jewel in the U.S. offshore crown. Gas in the OCS

Seismic fees in Louisiana continue to keep the state's administration and oil and gas interests at odds.

Tale of Two Independents: Finding their niche proved to be profitable in the Gulf.

It's been through the best of times, the worst of times and the most uncertain of times. Amazingly, Destin Dome is still a big, tantalizing part of the industry's GOM strategy.

Submarine Sighting: Undersea geosurvey team find Nazi u-boat and its target.

AAPG's inaugural Prospect and Property Exposition(APPEX) proves to be a huge hit -- and sequels already are planned.

Power Lunch: Industry Needs Reformation
Scott Tinker: Research Takes Practical Turn
Dealmaker's Conference John Seitz: New Technology's Reducing Risk

September 11, 2001. For America, and most likely the rest of the world, a new day of infamy. For all, the old rules that dictated everything -- whether it is transportation, security, safety, business, communications, transportation, exploration -- no longer apply.

This month's cover design by Rusty Johnson, created on deadline as the EXPLORER was going to press, features a photograph courtesy of the Associated Press.


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