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Looking to buy or sell a high-quality drilling prospect? AAPG's Prospect and Property Expo, better known as APPEX, is ready for its inaugural venture in Houston.

There's a world of leasing opportunities awaiting those with a need to explore in international arenas.

Financing an international deal may require some study on your part.

Triton Energy stuck it out in the Gulf of Thailand and now 30 years later is reaping the rewards.

Overnight sensation? Wrong. The success story that can be found offshore Angola in Block 14 began years ago with geologists who only wanted to extend their shallow water production.

Chevron attributes its success in the Congo Basin to a breakthrough due to the use of AVO technology

Deep water off the Congo successes credited to 3D seismic studies.

How dangerous can an earthquake be? A broad-based Pacific Rim-coalition is working to answer that question. (Hint: The answer is more dangerous than you think.)

Global view of gas different to what is happening within the U.S.

GeoVest: Retirement plan tailored to AAPG membership's needs

Election Campaign Policy

Convention Wrap-up: Final attendance figures for the AAPG annual meeting in Denver confirmed what officials had been feeling all along: The meeting was very, very successful.

Industry Giant leads oral session on Giant Oil and Gas Fields on the Decade.

A world of opportunities await explorers who venture into the international arena, and this month's EXPLORER offers several stories dealing with global matters. That would include the success story that can be found in the Gulf of Thailand, where years of patience and cooperation are about to pay off for two countries and a U.S. independent. Story on page 28. The cover shot (above), the Senja-1 well rig in the Gulf of Thailand, is courtesy of Triton Energy.




There is no Geophysical Corner for August.



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