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A call for lawmakers to move quickly on crafting a national energy strategy resounded repeatedly at the inaugural AAPG President's Conference in Washington, D.C.

After a decade of effort, Texas has become the 26th state to require licensure of professional geologists.

Prices are up in the oil industry, and that should spell good news for those wanting to make deals -- but there's a problem: Where have all the prospects gone?

Behold the Great Pyramids and the mighty Sphinx, Egyptian wonders of the world, inspired by -- desert geology?

Are They Goals or Just Wishes?

Is It a Subtle Fault or Just Noise?



Smith Voted President-Elect

One of the great things about holding an annual meeting in Denver is getting to be close to the Rocky Mountains. That beauty is celebrated in this issue and on the cover, which features a photo by AAPG member Jack Rathbone. The view is up Glacier Gorge over Mills Lake, with (from left) Longs Peak, Keyboard of the Winds and Pagoda Peak towering above.

Historical trends and future expectations regarding the natural gas industry -- centering on the United States' "ample" supply -- dominate a new report from the Potential Gas Committee.

Others See Rocks, He Sees Beauty ... Geologist Jack Rathbone's black and white view of the Colorado Rockies speaks volumes.

The Williston Basin once again provides an example of how independent geologists can find new exploration opportunities in mature basins.

A simple but significant question: If computers aren't being used effectively, what good are they?

Alaska Coal Gas Potential High ... the amount of coalbed methane in Alaska is estimated to be as high as 1,037 trillion cubic feet.

Digital Atlas Keeps Data Flowing ... Kansas Geological Survey takes their digits online to provide the Digital Petroleum Atlas.

The's a Petroleum Geology Ranger ... once a petroleum geologist with Mobil now the only petroleum geologists working with the National Parks Service. See how Lisa Norby used retraining opportunities to continue in her field.

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