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AAPG is at the forefront of two major initiatives in Washington, D.C. - a Congressional appearance and a special Energy Summit - designed to further the profession of petroleum geology.

Have a prospect you want to sell? The new AAPG Property and Prospect Exposition (APPEX) will debut Aug. 27 in Houston.

Thanks to years of research and newly cost-effective technology, 3-D outcrop analysis has become a viable tool for geologists.

South Texas' heavily drilled Oligocene Vicksburg sands provide the perfect setting for a 3-D AVO project that showed new technology can be valuable even in a mature trend.

The tools are in place -- and the potential is evident - for the Internet to become a prime time marketing medium.

The use of state-of-the-art visualization centers is exploding, allowing geoscientists to literally step into the subsurface to explore its mysteries.

Can't decide which paper presentation to attend? Interactive E-Poster sessions at the AAPG annual meeting in Denver may help end the dilemma.

Membernet: Online BULLETIN Offered

Senteur de Boue and SJGS

Gas Hydrates Session in Denver

Lasers and Their Use in Wells

Computer technology is making it easier - and much more colorful - to study the subsurface, a subject that several of our articles address in this month's "Computers in Geology" issue of the EXPLORER. At the top is an interpreted photomosaic of laterally accreting bar deposits within a delta plain distributary channel in the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Utah. Interpretation by Rucsandra Corbeanu, University of Texas-Dallas. Below, an image that shows the results of incorporating several visualization and interpretation tools into one single workflow. Image courtesy of Magic Earth.

Business Side of Geology:
A Case Against 'Most Likely'

Geophysical Corner:
3-D Helps See Through the Mist
Precision Is Now the Norm for Pool Development

International Bulletin Board:
Plans Being Made for St. Peterburg’s Meeting


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