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Personnel issues ...
loom large for geophysical contractors, namely: Where will they find the people to replenish their staffs?

Seafloor Mapping:
Scientists are using 3-D seismic data to map the seafloor at greater depths and higher resolution than ever before.

Seismic contractors -- What's next? Nobody is ready to proclaim the dark days over for seismic contractors, but companies are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Patterns in seismic: Picture a 3-D seismic data sample. Now picture a strand of DNA. Combine the two, and get ready for a new technology that brings pattern recognition to the oil patch.

New excitement ...
For a variety of reasons, an exploration play in the Appalachian Basin is drawing the attention of oil companies around the country: the Trenton-Black River.

Gas Shale Excitement ...
There’s a new -- some might say urgent -- sense of excitement when it comes to the role of shale gas production in today’s energy mix.


A new technology that applies DNA research concepts to seismic interpretation may give geologists a new tool in the hunt for hydrocarbons. The cover, designed by Rusty Johnson using data provided by Chroma Energy and WesternGeco, shows an example of it, depicting a deep-water GOM turbidite image of associated canyon, braided stream, channel, depositional lobe and crevasse splay. Patterns in Seismic DNA and Seismic

Business Side of Geology
What Is the Chance for Success?

Geophysical Corner
Seismic Has Its Multiple Attributes

International Bulletin Board
International Awards Honor Three

New Book, Studies 47
Climate Gets Geological View

Update on Denver, Annual Meeting 2001

Student Expo Approaching

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