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On the cover: What in the world is going on regarding exploration, you ask? A lot of answers are found in this month's EXPLORER, our annual World Developments issue, via stories that showcase the world's hottest exploration region (hint: think West Africa), a listing of the past year's notable discoveries and how independents can get a part in the drama. As suggested in our cover design by Rusty Johnson, E&P activity is a global event.

Photos and 3-D computer images courtesy of Landmark Graphics.

What's going on here? Despite some grand occurrences that otherwise would make it a year of wine and roses, 2000 ultimately didn't seem like much of a party year.

New award winners are added to the list of those who will be honored at the annual meeting in Denver, June of 2001.

For the record: The EXPLORER takes its annual look at the year's major discoveries from around the world.

Top Predictions: What technologies and trends will have the greatest effect on the oil industry in the next 10 years?

International Business Ventures: U.S. oil finders have plenty of opportunities to keep themselves busy -- especially when they're willing to forsake the comforts of home for the potential of international targets.

The accidental internationalist: How one U.S. oil company learned the adventurous way about the challenges and rewards of international exploration.

West Africa: The relatively small, sparsely populated countries along the coast of West Africa are poised to be become major players in the world oil arena.

A tradition continues: The Business Side of Geology returns to the EXPLORER.

Geophysical Corner: Color Reveals Seismic Message

International Bulletin Board: A report from AAPG's president-elect on her visits to two affiliated groups in Nigeria and Cairo

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