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December is the EXPLORER's annual Downhole Geology issue, and this month's cover reflects the technological advances that are helping to give geologists a better look at the subsurface.

Graphics include, from the top, NMR technology laboratory workers, courtesy of Halliburton; an NMR well log reading, courtesy of Brian Stambaugh; an immersive, 3-D view of a Gulf of Mexico reservoir, courtesy of the University of Colorado; and a crew in South America carrying a CMR Plus tool, courtesy of Schlumberger.

32 Due AAPG Awards in Denver
Sneider Is Powers Medalist

Robert M. Sneider, of Robert M. Sneider Exploration of Houston, heads the list of those who have been named to receive the Association's highest honors and awards for 2001. AAPG awards, approved by the Executive Committee, will be presented at the annual meeting in recognition of individuals for service to the profession, the science, the Association and the public.

Officer Candidates Respond
Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for AAPG Office." Here are the responses from editor candidates John C. Lorenz and Laird B. Thompson.

AAPG OKs Position Paper
Texas Licensure Proposal Backed

The Professional Geologists Licensure proposal to be considered by the Texas Legislature has been endorsed unanimously by the AAPG Executive Committee.

Two Geologists = Three Interpretations
Geosteering: Like Landing In Fog

Ed Stockhausen details the strains, the pains and the gains that come from geosteering a drill bit through a zone. Geosteering is simply "the use of real-time geological and directional data to help guide or place a well."

Quality Data, Quickly
NMR Tools - Getting Up to Speed

Pushing the technological envelope has helped to build the petroleum industry. Today NMR is one of the cutting edge technologies that is changing the face of well logging.

NMR Does Well in Lobo Trend
A Millidarcy Makes Big Difference

A case study

Technical Program Draws 1,818 to Bali

Key to Reserve Growth
Strategies Give Reservoirs Character

Here is a closer look at a proven relatively low cost, low risk approach to building reserves.

DEG Offers Position Paper Background
Methane Questions Answered

Appointments Could Include Qualified Geologists
Posts to be Filled by New Regime

Louisiana Activity Slows
Seismic Fee Fuss Heading to Court

Open Mind, Flexibility Always Helps

Seismic Modeling Makes Waves

International Changes Environmental Trends Dip In Student Survey

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