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Dust storm impacts coral Internet business in the petroleum industry

A dust storm the size of Spain, blowing off the northwest African desert, blanketed hundreds of thousands of square miles of the eastern Atlantic Ocean with a dense cloud of Saharan sand on Feb. 26 of this year. This SeaWiFS project satellite image shows the dust at about 15,000 feet in the air and about 1,000 miles across the Atlantic. U.S. Geological Survey scientists are linking the dust to various occurrences, including the decline of coral reefs in the Caribbean. NOAA satellite images courtesy of the USGS.

10/23/00 ... AAPG Executive Director Interviewed On Energy News Live Premiere

Who is killing the great corals of the Caribbean? Actually the question should be "What is killing?" and the answer is a dirty little surprise.

E-commerce on the Internet may not revolutionize the petroleum industry, but it's already changing the way the industry does business.
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Officer Candidates Respond
Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for AAPG Office." Here are the responses from secretary candidates Timothy R. Carr and Charles J. Mankin.

Drawing conclusions: One research geologist takes a look at exploration trends in Louisiana.

What turns a marginal field into a priority?

AAPG's mentor program is off and running, helping newcomers to learn how to be better geologists and
helping old pros by giving them a chance to talk.

A new government study attempts to quantify and define the potential extent of U.S. earthquake damage.

Kern Museum: One-time oil camp resident tries to restore "home" for posterity.

Finding Limits Of 3-D Seismic

Finding is Easy; Profits Prove Hard

DEG REPORTER: Officer candidates for 2001-02 announced

AAPG Internet Update
Web Site Up-to-Date on Delegates

Libraries Get Internet Subscriptions Members Can Give a Gift of Digits

Contributions are being sought for creation of a new AAPG Foundation environmental grant that would honor one of the founding forces for the Division of Environmental Geosciences.

AAPG Offers 'Lake Basins' Studies

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