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Prices Haven't Soaked Up Inventory Yet
Seismic Waits on 'Trickle Down'

If seismic data are the backbone of the E&P industry, what's causing the disconnect between current high commodity prices and seismic activity? Even though E&P activity in general has taken a giant step beyond the dormancy of the not-so-distant past, the pervasive mood in the seismic industry is eerily low-key. In fact, there's folks aplenty singing the blues.

Emerging Technology Matured in North Sea
4-C Projects Harvest Gulf Data

West Delta: site of a two-month seismic operation that uses cutting edge seismic technology in the Gulf of Mexico. Operation: a 4-component (4-C) seismic survey shoot using ocean bottom cables. Size: 530 square kilometers of choice offshore real estate.

Understanding How Basins Fill
Stratigraphy Concept Morphing
Can you say "geomorphology"? A new concept introduced by Henry Posamentier which is the result of the explosion of 3-D seismic data over the last decade. This explosion has taken seismic stratigraphy to new heights by providing the potential for directly imaging discrete elements of entire depositional systems. Learn more and review a geomorph exercise.

129 Incidents in 1997, 401 in 1999
Seismic Safety Concerns Grow

Is the continuing downturn in the geophysical industry affecting worker performance and safety? "The situation in North America is that we've had seven or eight fatalities since the first of the year. It's the first time in my career that I can remember that kind of thing happening. It's alarming," said Murray Saxton, corporate HSE officer for CGG Americas Inc. in Houston and chairman of the Health and Safety Committee of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC).

Non-Exclusive Data Creates Questions
Licensing Issues Become Priority

Last year IAGC sponsored its first conference on data licensing issues -- and the topic is so critical that another conference is scheduled for Oct. 31 in Houston, co-sponsored by the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

It's a Grand Question -- and Discussion
How Did That Canyon Get There?

A small group of earth scientists gathered at the Grand Canyon to ponder its beautiful mystery ... how did it form? Instead of providing an answer, the June symposium actually may have expanded the controversy over the Canyon's origins.

Microseeps to Get MIDAS Touch
This Is Thinking Small -- Broadly
A proposed project between the non-profit Geosat Committee Inc. and Chimera Geophysical Corp. would test one of the latest advancements in microseep detection.Through Project MIDAS Geosat is teaming up with Chimera again to test a new remoste sensing tool.

How Computers Rule Is Up to You
Managing Data or Finding Oil?

WILDCAT RECOLLECTIONS >>> Analysis, Guts Trump Paralysis

GEOPHYSICAL CORNER >>> A Removal-Restoration Project

Extremes Set the Tone, Not the Facts
Climate Debate Needs Middle Ground

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