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AAPG Officers Begin 2000-01 Term
Downey Assumes Presidency

And Job Security, Too
Tomorrow's Teams Need Variety

It takes all kinds of individuals to explore for oil and gas. Researchers identify the left side of the brain with an analytic, sequential approach to reasoning, and the right side of the brain with a global or holistic approach.So, where does this fit into the oil field?

Designed To Entertain, Intrigue and Inform
Louisiana Teachers Get CDÊ'Tool'
A CD-ROM released recently by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) proves all over again that the best things often come in small packages.

Access to Data Gets Push
Efforts Continue to 'Save the Rocks'
The scientific community is in danger of losing much of the vital geoscience data that companies have spent literally decades accumulating. How do you solve the expense and storage problem?

Matson, Braunstein and Divisions
Winners Announced For N.O. Presentations

Nominees Sought For K-12 Science Teacher Award

WILDCAT RECOLLECTIONS >>> 'Bright' Investments Paid Off

GEOPHYSICAL CORNER >>> Kinematics a Key To Unlocking Plays

Creationism: Keep it out of the classroom (letter to the editor)

Former AAPG science director remembered

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