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Cover images courtesy of Continuum (top) and MagicEarth.

Executive Committee, Divisions Announce Election Results

House Nixes Nomination Proposal
Editor, Grievance Bylaws OK'd

Delegates to the AAPG House meeting at the New Orleans annual meeting approved two changes to the Bylaws: changes to the elected editor's term and duties of office; a proposal to change the process of nominating candidates.

Visuals Satisfied Client
Immersive View Went Beyond 3-D On SPR Project

More than "pretty pictures", immersive visualization is evolving as a powerful tool to educate and inform ordinary citizens as well as professionals about what's beneath the surface.

'It's An Evolutionary Process'
Rasters Are Getting Smarter

Compare 1,200 well logs in two days. Mission: Impossible? Doesn't have to be.

Do You Know Where You're Going?
AAPG Web Site Grows; Here's What's Available
AAPG's Web site has come a long way from it's launch six years ago. Can you find your way around?

Discoveries, Deals Indicate Promise
Caspian Qualms Beginning to Calm

The next several years should reveal the ultimate potential of the Caspian Sea region as a major petroleum province.

'Toast' Was On Breakfast Menu

World Oil Resource Forecast Increases
USGS Sees 20 Percent Hike

Kinematic Analysis: The Next Step

Big Numbers, Big Smiles
Promising Prices Spark Positive Meeting

A report on the AAPG's 85th Annual Meeting held in New Orleans in April

Testimony Points Out Need for Government Action
A coherent energy policy for the U.S. is one item focused on by the U.S. House Committee on Resources.

Past President 'Bruno' Hanson Dies

Evolution vs. Creation debate continues

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