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Seismic crews have always faced challenging conditions in South Louisiana, but some say all work there may be threatened by economic factors. State-determined seismic fees, some charge, are too high.

The photo of crews working in South Louisiana swamps is by Bob Werre, courtesy of Geco-Prakla.

Has Production Peaked?
Bulls and Bears Duel Over Supply

Supply pessimists take the industry's declining oil discovery rate as an alarm signal. Most believe world oil production will peak within a decade -- if it hasn't already.

$60-Acre Levied in Louisiana Refuge Areas
Seismic Tax Raises Hackles

The Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association (LIOGA) is determined to prove that a $60-per-acre seismic fee being levied by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (DWF) violates the constitution of the state of Louisiana.

Earth's Origin ... the Debate Continues
Sermons in Stone (1958)
Letters to the Editor

Bright Idea Still Needed Persistence
This is the first of three articles on the application of "bright spot" technology, which helped Shell Oil Company discover many large oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico during the late 1960s to the late 1980s.

Past President 'Bruno' Hanson Dies

Static Interpretation Now Dynamic

Static data archives can be brought to life by dynamically modeling the geological processes behind it.

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