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The world that is New Orleans provides the setting for the AAPG annual meeting this month. Special section of convention stories

Cover concept and graphics
by Rusty Johnson
Photos courtesy of
Shell Oil and Burlington Resources

Plan your time at the annual meeting now ...

We've Only Just Begun
South Louisiana: A 'Mature Frontier'

South Louisiana is actually a whole new exploration frontier. A total of 70,200 wells have been drilled in South Louisiana with a minuscule 0.03 percent drilled to 20,000 feet.

Powder River Action Has International Impact
Wyoming Enjoys Coal Gas Play

On the arid high plains of northeast Wyoming, the town of Gillette has become a bona fide boomtown. And it's coalbed methane creating the frenzy. The Powder River Basin has become the site of the hottest natural gas play in the country, a region most so-called experts wrote off as a wasteland for the gas.

Development Plans Pursued
China's Bohai Bay Yields Big Finds

Oil companies' activities quietly continue in China. Bohai Bay is one hot spot for drilling featured in this article.

California Test Seeks 'Echo' Success
EKHO Well Goes Deep for Gas
Looking deep for new oil -- a strategy that Tri-Valley Oil and Gas is implementing with EKHO No. 1 -- could make them America's deepest oil producer. Spudded Feb. 7 it is on its way to the projected total target depth of 19,500 feet.

Ideas Give Technology the Edge

In 1977 Rio del Rey is viewed as an area with a future of small fields by Elf and Royal Dutch/Shell; however, Shell's international divisions (Pecten) reports it to be a "meadow of bright spots."

Complexities Can Be Mind

The first of an occasional series on seismic imaging, is titled "A Practical Approach to Seismic Imaging of Complex Geology." Geophysicists explain their job of transforming information in time into depth so the geologist can make maps and calculate where to drill.

Millspaugh Is Named Geoscience Director

Safety First -- Even for Visitors
Rigors Required Before Rig Work

In an ongoing, ever evolving effort to enhance safety, oil companies and service contracts now require everyone going to facilities offshore to pass a survival and emergency training course. EXPLORER Correspondent Kathy Shirley shares her experience. All this for a one-day story!

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