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Geologic maps, seismic lines, production acreage -- they're all part of the Art of the Deal, and dealing is going to be a high priority in New Orleans during the AAPG annual meeting. That's because this year's exhibits hall will feature an expanded Prospect and Property Marketplace, where buyers and sellers will be able to meet and get down to the business of geology.

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Here's the Deal in New Orleans
Buyers Will Meet Sellers at Expanded Prospect Marketplace

This year's annual convention committee has decided to aggressively promote a centralized area of the exhibits hall dedicated for presenting prospects, offering properties and cutting deals. The New Orleans' committee hopes to attract up to five times as many presenters as last year.

K-12 Education Summit Set in New Orleans
Geoscience Outreach Efforts a Priority

All local societies, Sections, regions and committees are "encouraged to participate and have representation" at the Youth Activities Summit on Education Saturday, April 15. The summit is designed to coordinate as well as encourage educational outreach activities in the geosciences. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the New Orleans Hilton.

Potential Is Now a Reality
Coalbed Methane Comes of Age

Despite conventional thought perceiving coalbed methane as an anomaly and that completion techniques were slow an inefficient, pioneering independents worked to develop an important industry segment.

A Lot of Crumbs Turned Into a Nice Cake
'Weekend Work' Yields Gas Field

Coalbed methane research and development has been a big story for over 20 years with virtually all the focus on the western United States. But what many folks don't know is that small "mom and pop" shops have been quietly pioneering coalbed methane production in the Arkoma Basin in southeastern Oklahoma.

Support, Rewards Necessary
Managers Key to Team Success

Successful multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) do not happen automatically -- and no exact formula for building, developing and guiding MDTs is known. However, one of the keys to theses teams' success or failure is the support of management and recognition of all members of the team.

Two Set for Europe, One in Latin America
International Lecture Tours Booked

This Spring AAPG sponsors three distinguished lecturers to travel internationally.

VSP Survey Meets Accuracy Demands
VSP surveys are routinely performed in many parts of the world -- especially in Europe, because of the recognized superiority and versatility of the VSP over the simpler and less expensive check shot survey. Their uses increases as the advantages become clearer and survey reliability increases.

Reefs Hid 'Between the Lines'
A billion-barrel field in a thousand places?

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