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The EXPLORER's annual seismic issue takes a look at the geophysical sector. Various industry representatives point to encouraging signs that suggest 2000 could be a year of improved business conditions. Photos show seismic operation in (clockwise, from top) Nigeria, Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo and the North Sea.

Photos courtesy of Baker Hughes.
Bad News: Last Year Was 'Dastardly
Good News: It'll Be a Better Year

Compared to what? Improved business conditions are projected for 2000; however, 1999 was so darn bad ... well, see what you think.

Shared Info Lowers Cost Barriers
Non-Exclusive Data Boosts Industry
E&P players are always asking for more and better data at increasingly lower cost. Data acquirers are always looking for means to ensure that data is provided in an acceptable revenue stream. It is "presently the lifeblood of the geophysical industry".

Will Rewards Be Commensurate With Risks?
Caspian Ready to Face Major Tests

After years of "wheeling and dealing" international oil companies are finally beginning to sink exploratory wells in the Caspian Sea. Could the "exploratory well of 1999" meet that prediction? The next two years should prove it.

Natural Gas Industry Gets Stable
Patterns Show El Niño Is Resting

No El Niño is in sight. Demand for natural gas may stay low but what about next year?

Luck Rewards Knowledge, Preparation

The special EXPLORER: A Century issue illustrates how at times the "Story behind the story" is better than the story itself. In an effort to capture this flavor of exploration science and business, Marlan Downey describes his memories of some of the interesting fields found by teams he has been associated with during more than 40 years of exploration and production. (Bonus coverage, not included in EXPLORER)

New Orleans Provides New Forum
Poster Format Fine Tuned

A new approach to poster presentations will debut at this year's AAPG annual meeting. The innovative "interactive poster" format is designed to give presenters and viewers a chance to achieve maximum impact. Its goal is to improve the "transfer and exchange of concepts through small, informal discussion groups gathered around the posters

VSP Is a Check Shot Step Up

Relying solely on sonic logs to convert surface seimic travel time to depth may lead to errors in interval velocity. Limited check shot data helps reduce these errors.

It's Here: 'Most Important' of the Exploration Series
'How To' Book Completes Treatise

A dream fulfilled ... Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps is the final volume of the AAPG Treatise of Petroleum Geology series. A project that started in 1985 comes to completion with this book.

Award Honors Californian
'Hands On' Teacher Cited

"I still love biology, but more and more it is geology ... that gets me excited." Designing her classes with hands-on activities similar to those shared in the AAPG-AAPG Foundation-sponsored "Rocks in Your Head" conference, Peggy Lubchenco teachers her junior high students about the surrounding area's geology.

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Delegates to Vote in New Orleans
Three Bylaws Changes Proposed

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