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On to cover: Global exploration potential, boosted by rising oil prices throughout the past year, kept geologists busy looking for the next big discovery -- wherever that may be. For example, consider our cover photo, taken in north Oman and featuring outcrops of the Cenomanian/Turonian carbonate petroleum system, which contain both the hydrocarbon reservoirs and source rocks in the entire gulf area and southern Mediterranean region. This region, which offers outcrop correlations to two nearby producing oil fields (Natih and Fahud), will be toured in an AAPG field trip, "The Natih Carbonate Petroleum System, North Oman," set March 31-April 3, held in conjunction with GEO/2000. Photo by Franz van Buchem. The inset photo shows a golden view of Istanbul, Turkey, site of the inaugural AAPG regional international conference July 9-12.

Friedman Is Powers Winner
AAPG To Honor 35 Geologists
AAPG awards are presented to individuals recognizing their service to the profession, the science, the Association and the public. Heading the list is Gerald M. Friedman who has been named to receive the Sidney Powers Memorial Award, AAPG's highest honor.
Quiet Agenda Puts Science on Defense
Creation Debate Evolves Into Politics
Science groups across the U.S. expressed concern after the Kansas State Board of Education adopted new science standards. Many worry that evolution (science) would not be taught, but creation (a doctrine) may be substituted. Must one choose between religion and science?
Big Implications for Supply Needs
Discoveries Are Getting Smaller
Oil and gas discoveries of the 90s were significant in location but less so in size. How does this impact the future? "To meet the current annual demand ... and the demand ... in 2010, new production must originate from a variety of sources...," says Robert Esser, director of Global Oil and Gas Resources with Cambridge Energy Research Associates.
Deep Water Discoveries Marked Year
In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion
1999 opened with West Texas crude at $12.33 per barrel but closed with the price staying above $20. Average price for the year was $18.74. Approvals of mergers added uncertainty to the business climate. Review this list of discoveries throughout the world.
Elephants Found in Deep Waters
West Africa's Dreams Come True
Excitement grows as international companies jockey for position in the world's hottest play -- West Africa's deep water field.
Progress Cited in Tax, Royalty, Research Actions
Congress Paid Attention in 1999
Low oil prices combine with job losses in the industry catch the attention of the 106th Congress. Legislation was enacted to create a loan guarantee program for independent producers, extend tax credits for marginal wells, resolve oil royalty issues and increase research funding. However, progress remains elusive.
VSP Links Geology, Geophysics
Geophysicists interpret surface seismic reflection data presented in time. Geologists construct models, drill wells and acquire well logs in depth. Tthe two types of data (time and depth) are linked in a velocity model of the subsurface. Vertical seismic profile (VSP) data acquisition and interpretation is reviewed.

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