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Three-D geologic models -- they're not just for geologists anymore. In fact,colorful 3-D models such as those on the November cover are making it easier for non-geologists to get a handle on subsurface matters when geologists come selling their deals. Cover shots: Left image, showing a combination of geologic and geophysical data combined in one image, courtesy of Roxar. Right images from top show a model of the Paradox Basin, Utah, an analog of a Gulf of Mexico minibasin, by Michael Hudec using EarthVision software; an example of a seismic view that validates a 3-D model and interpretation; and a 3-D model used for well positioning to target multiple pay zones, all courtesy of Dynamic Graphics.

 Officer Candidates: Treasurer
Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for AAPG Office." Their responses -- and brief biographical information on each candidate -- are published in the EXPLORER. Ballots will be mailed in the spring. Posted here are the responses from vice president candidates Donald D. Clarke and Edward B. Picou Jr.

 3-D Models Are Making Cents
When It Comes to Money, Investors Like What They See

Rare is the financier who can look at a 2-D map and visualize the pertinent data in three dimensions. But when a 3-D model is available, the folks who deal with capital can better understand complex geological concepts by actually seeing fault closure, stratigraphic traps and such, thereby leaving less to the imagination.

 Illinois Basin Reconsidered
Geologists Given New Possibilities
A new interpretation of potential field, seismic and other data in the Illinois Basin, according to an Oklahoma geologist, indicates unrecognized natural gas reservoirs may exist there.

 Challenging to Build, Easy to Use
Geo-Teams Prove Their E&P Value

This article is the first in a series about integrated disciplinary teams. Though not a new concept to the industry, the explosion of new technology such as 3-D and 4-D seismic, reservoir simulation and a host of drilling innovations has created the need for technical staff from several geoscience and engineering disciplines to work together.

 Bigger-Than-Expected Numbers
Upbeat Spirit Gives Birmingham Boost

AAPG's international meeting and exhibition in Birmingham, England turned out to be a time of optimism and anticipation for the next century. Held in September, it attracted more people than expected.

 Browne Challenges Perceptions
Industry Must Fix Its Image

BP Amoco's chairman Sir John Browne, as the keynote speaker of a special session in Birmingham sees an opportunity to change our the image of oil and gas from ... "dirty, old fashioned, arrogant and unprincipled ... People do recognize the link between energy and progress."

 Fritz Named Executive Director Of AAPG Foundation
Once again one person acts as the Executive Director of AAPG's Foundation and AAPG.

Basement Mapping Highly Crucial
New and strikingly different uses of aeromagnetics are based on a better understanding of basement geology and how it affects the overlying sedimentary section.

 Register Now!
Geologic Field Trips Are Turkish Delights

The "early bird" registration deadline is looming. Planning for AAPG's inaugural international regional conference, set July 9-12, is in the final planning stages -- and participants registering on or before Nov. 15 will pay the $350 fee set when the event was originally scheduled for last July.

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