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October's EXPLORER deals with how the geophysical industry is dealing with difficult times -- in challenging situations. From the environmentally sensitive high desert of the San Juan Basin, to the deep of the Gulf of Mexico, the seismic search continues. Photos courtesy of Conoco (top left and right), Veritas (middle right) and Schlumberger (bottom).

AAPG Candidate Forum
Vice President responses

Brenda K. Cunningham and Ronald A. Nelson respond to their invitations to serve as vice president for AAPG.

Shrinking Markets, New Concerns
Spec Data Faces Market Challenge

The industry's latest round of merger mania is either a great deal or a great disaster. Client bases dwindle and speculative data presents a particular challenge.

An Environmental Cliffhanger
No Seismic 'Footprints' Left Behind

A fragile and beautiful environment waits to be defined by seismic data ... and crews not only trimmed costs but left no marks on the environment.

AAPG Author, Speaker Gives Counsel
Expert Advice: Let the Data Speak

Expert reservoir geophysicist Alistair Brown discusses 3-D seismic as the first-ever joint AAPG/Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Distinguished Lecturer.

Multi-Component Technology
Vector Wavefield Seismic Evolves

3-D vector wavefield seismic: A technology that researchers at the University of Texas in Austin hope will be the next 3-D in the evolution of seismic technology.

Partnering Becomes Common
Contractors Getting In On the Deal

Dramatic changes over the past 20 years have led to creative approaches to the seismic industry -- not all of which have been accepted wholeheartedly.

A Hot , Spicy Island
Geology Spices Avery Island

Avery Island sits atop the highest of five salt domes in southern Louisiana. Tourists not only find wildlife and beautiful scenery but salt, Tabasco® Sauce and a producing oil and gas field.

Change Set for New Orleans
Deal Room Now Prospect Marketplace

Several changes or updates to traditional offerings at the AAPG's annual meeting are highlighted. The Prospect and Property Marketplace, in a prime location, will offer a market for drilling projects to producing and exploration properties.

Inaugural regional meeting in Istanbul
Rescheduling, earthquake do not stop this inaugural retional international meeting to be launched in Istanbul.

Mother Nature's a Sly Operator

The phenomenon of paleo-OWCs may be more widespread than previously thought and could, in fact, be responsible for some previously unexplained exploration failures.

'Higher Purpose' Can Override Confidences; Disclosure Rules Not Absolute

Is it ever ethical to divulge information understood to be confidential for a personally perceived "higher" purpose?

Value? Depends on the Venue

Each year properties are sold for more than they are worth, and replaced with properties for less than their real worth. Is this a great business, or what? So is property being valued too low? Too high? Or are we dealing with a large population of fools?

Fight Down-sizing Side Effect
Assure Ideas, Creativity Prevail

It is impossible to measure the loss of innovative ideas that has taken place because of the "side effects" of downsizing within the industry. Fear and competitiveness lead to people unwilling to venture "different" or incomplete ideas and stifle creativity.

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