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This month's cover reflects areas that have helped make the Gulf of Mexico this decade's success story. Top photo, of Gemini, courtesy of Texaco Inc. The bottom two photos, of Ram Powell and Ursa, courtesy of Shell Oil.

In the September Issue of the EXPLORER

Fritz Named Executive Director
Richard D. Fritz has been named Executive Director of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

AAPG Candidate Forum ... President-Elect
Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for AAPG Office." President-elect candidates Lee C. Gerhard and Robbie Rice Gries and brief biographical information are included.

Reserves in Gulf Could Surpass Shelf
Industry Lured into Deep Waters
Exploration in the deep water Gulf of Mexico may be even better than the success of drilling on the Gulf shelf. T
he deep offshore Gulf has more remaining, recoverable resources than the shoreward provinces. Recent discoveries seem sure to increase resource projections for the Gulf.

Crazy Horses and Mad Dogs
New Deep Fields Show Gulf Trends
Deep water play in the Gulf of Mexico keeps getting deeper and hotter. A look at some discoveries in 5-6,000 feet of water shows how they may propel the industry into the Gulf.

Professors Look for Government Push
Gulf R&D Funding a Capital Idea
A couple of professors manage to turn their vision for deep water technology research and development into a reality, they
propose a revitalization of technology R&D, specifically targeting the deep water (i.e. anything off the continental shelf) Gulf of Mexico.

Proactive Stance An Open Option
Climate Debate Realities Affirmed
Political agendas focus on climate change. Science is only one parameter in what has become an increasingly complicated debate that looks for solutions should one be required.

Funds Lower Costs
Lecture Season Covers the World
In the past decade AAPG's Distinguished Lecture program has become a global effort. The 1999-2000 speaker season, fully support by the AAPG Foundation to keep the costs low, is combining with SEG for the first jointly sponsored Distinguished Lecturer.

VPGers Just Visiting -- To Help
It's Back to School for the Pros
The AAPG Visiting Geologist Program speakers head back to school but this year something new has been added. The VPG is going international -- starting with the United Kingdom and Canada. The VGP, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary, gives students a chance to meet practicing geologists and to discuss geological career options.

Activities Promoted
Earth Science Week Info Kits Available

Earth Science Week is Oct. 10-16. Participating in this special emphasis sponsored by the American Geological Institute (AGI) offers AAPG members an unprecedented opportunity to improve science literacy in their communities. Earth Science Week, which is celebrated annually during the second full week of October, is in cooperation with AAPG and the other members of the AGI Federation, state and federal agencies, academia and industry. Order your kit today.

AAPG Web Services Expand
E-Abstracts Submittal Available
New services to AAPG members are being added to the AAPG Web site. Highlighted is the electronic abstracts submission for the New Orleans 2000 Annual Meeting with plans for Bali 2000 International meeting soon to follow.

Time to Get Serious
Abstract Deadline Nears For New Orleans Meeting

The AAPG annual meeting will be held April 16-19 in the recently opened "Phase 3" portion of the New Orleans Convention Center. Also meeting will be the SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology). The meeting theme is "Marching Into Global Markets -- A World of Resources." It's time to get serious about submitting an abstract for the AAPG annual meeting in New Orleans. The call for papers deadline is Sept. 23.

Strike Analysis A Core Matter

Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) analysis of azimuthally restricted seismic data is used to determine the orientation and density of fractures at selected locations corresponding to well sites in the Manderson Field. The result of this analysis is compared to fracture strike analysis from oriented cores for three wells.

Career Situations Create Opposites
Managing Tension a Balancing Act

No one else will manage our careers. No one else has a stake in our future. No one has the incentive to invest in our training and development, and we come without a manual. It is time to inventory where you are in your profession and your life, assess your achievements and decide what kind of life you want from now into the future. We must be flexible and quick, like a boxer or a dancer, always on our toes. We must be prepared to seize opportunities as they develop, because timing is everything. Most importantly, we must identify the key points of tension in work and in life -- and learn how to manage them.

Business Side of Geology
Size Matters -- But So Does Location
"If you can't sell it, it ain't worth nuthin." Internationally, gas is easily and cheaply found -- but it is often very difficult to make money from new international gas fields. In international gas development, proximity to markets is important in assessing worth of discovered gas.

A Question of Ethics
One Person's 'Proof" Another's Junk

Have you ever experienced junk science being used to condemn alleged junk science? The topic of junk science recently proved to be a hot issue for professional geologists; however, the question received only one response. When taken together with the DPA presidential response, both the philosophical and practical ends of the spectrum seem to have been covered -- as well as a suggestion for future labeling. No question has been provided for September.


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