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Despite a year of turbulence, exploration opportunities remain strong around the globe -- and in some areas, are positively exciting. This month's cover features three views that are, for various reasons, of note for geologists. The top photo is the spectacular coastline of County Clare, Ireland, site of a field trip that will be held in conjunction with the AAPG international conference in Birmingham, England. Photo by John Collinson. Below, Lasmo crews working the Elephant Field prospect in Libya. Photo courtesy of the Lasmo Web site. Finally, the bronze monument of a roughneck stands proudly in England's Sherwood Forest, site of some oilfield heroics during World War II.
Photo courtesy of David Simms.

Funds to Seed London Mid-Career Center
Training Tops Officers' Agenda

A focus on mid-career training for geologists again topped the actions taken by the 1998-99 AAPG Executive Committee, as funding was approved for the first international training center.

Brazil Heads List of Targets
Dark Days Don't Dim Expectations
Last year international exploration couldn't afford a new pair of shoes. Major players didn't lose their shirts after all. The result left the industry much better-suited for global travel.

Midyear Leasing Activity Roundup
Bright Sites Entice Global Players
Bright prospects on the horizon include Libya opening some opportunities and Bolivia taking steps to become a major production hub. Follow this midyear roundup to learn of upcoming lease and exploration opportunities and other upstream activities.

Oil -- and Lots of It
Libya Eyes Return To World Markets

What's the attraction? Oil -- and lots of it. Libya's combination of enormous oil fields and large areas that are only lightly explored attract international investors.

Registration Limited
'Pratt II' Attracts Top-Level Papers

This AAPG Foundation-sponsored event is set for Jan. 12-15, 2000 in San Diego. The theme, "Petroleum Provinces of the 21st Century", will be the heart of the focus of invited-only papers with world-class presenters. Register now.

Free Careers Seminar
Added New 'Twists' for Birmingham

Newly added, free-of-charge career seminar; one- and two-day registration add a new twist to UK '99 to be held Sept. 12-15 in Birmingham, England's revitalized "Second City," with the theme "Oil and Gas in the 21st Century -- Dawn of the Third Age."

One-Day Registration OK in England
Take advantage now of one- or two-day pre-registration. This annual event incorporates the broadest possible spectrum of UK-based geoscientific society involvement.

Control, Freedom at Issue
'Never Again' Becoming Motto

Echoing throughout emerging conversations with geoscientists and in career transition workshops is the sentiment to "never again" let someone else control one's destiny.

Safety Record Is A Key Indicator

Why is it important to monitor the safety performance of units within a company? What does it mean when you find that one unit consistently has a much poorer safety record than others?

Is It OK to Charge Different Rates?

Election Guidelines
AAPG Candidates' Campaign Policy

The AAPG Executive Committee has adopted this Election Campaign Policy as a guideline for AAPG officer candidates. Candidates for President-Elect, Vice President and Treasurer are announced.

A Question of Ethics:
What Do YOU Think?

Planned for September's issue:

Independents Begin To Spread Globally
In the United States,small independent companies over the past 15 years have followed the majors into mature areas and then coaxed more oil and gas out of the ground than most people thought possible. That scenario is about to go global.

Challenges Don't Deter Industry
West Africa's Waters Offer Delicious Temptations

A deadly combination of depressed oil prices and serious internal strife haven't slowed down companies busy drilling and developing some of the most prospective acreage in the world in deep waters offshore West Africa.


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