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Executive Director of AAPG Resigns
Lyle Baie plans to return to his first loves of exploration, consulting and teaching.

AAPG Officers Begin 1999-00 Term
Thomasson Assumes Presidency

Ray Thomasson begins serving as AAPG President on July 1, 1999

Technology Puts You in the Play
Geology Is Now Virtually Dazzling
Want to take a walk through the subsurface and design that next well from inside the reservoir? How about listening to your well logs to hear what they might be trying to tell you? It's all in a day's work in the hi-tech immersive 3-D visualization centers that are sprouting over the industry landscape.

A Rift in Mid-Continent Theories?
Earthquake Potential Reconsidered
Earthquakes in the center of the country. It's a great story, but whether true or not, a big question remains: Could it happen again today?

San Antonio Meeting ...
Matson, Braunstein Award
Winners Announced
Best technical presentations at an AAPG annual meeting for both students and members have been announced for the recent conference in San Antonio.

Add an 'Aging' Tool to Your Arsenal

This month's column is titled "Magnetostratigraphy Adds a Temporal Dimension to Basin Analysis." Knowledge of basin evolution rates provides insight into the timing of hydrocarbon generation, facies migration and structural trap formation.

CAREERS: Attitude, Strategies Shape Transitions
Do You Face a Dead End or a New Start?

The reality of facing a major career transition is staring you in the face. After that first flush of emotion you can go into this time of transition with a sense of exploration, a willingness to learn and an open mind for honest self-appraisal, this can be a dynamic and exciting new challenge.

ETHICS: 'Squeeze Play' Could Cost Both Sides
Client Fee Plea Can Teach Lessons
A geologist and a client agree to a project for which the geologist will be paid for time and expenses. At the end of the job, when the final bill is presented, the client acknowledges that the job was well done -- but nevertheless asks the geologist to reduce the bill because it is larger than expected. Assuming you are the geologist, what would you do?

Preregistration Deadline Nears
Final Plans Made for Birmingham
Now is the time to make your plans for Birmingham. The time to plan is now because the preregistration deadline of Aug. 9 is drawing near.

Coming in August ...
Oil Industry May Face 'Radical Changes,' Challenges

Last year's sharp drop in oil prices was the warning bell: The oil industry is facing radical changes and tough challenges which may ultimately put even more control of the world's oil supply in the hands of Middle Eastern countries and change the make up of both private and state oil companies all over the globe.

A Question of Ethics:
What Do YOU Think?

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