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Computers have, for many geologists, become such an important part of their work that it would be impossible to consider going through a day without a good click. For others -- especially those who are just starting out on their own after an unexpected "career transition" -- effectively using a computer may be a mystery. This month's EXPLORER offers several reports dealing with computers in geology that should provide something for everyone. The cover design, created by Rusty Johnson, uses computer images provided by various sources. The top database and Landsat images are courtesy of Jim Ellis; the computer view of a California horizontal drilling project below those are courtesy of Steven J. Sanford; and the bottom images, showing vertical sections from six repeated seismic surveys in Duri Field, Indonesia, are courtesy of David E. Lumley (Chevron/Stanford) and Caltex Pacific Indonesia.

Election Results Announced
Officers for 1999-2000 have been elected.

Emotions Can Overrule Rationality
Why Doesn't Everyone Love Us?

API communicates to the public about the oil industry.

Hey LINUX, Why Can't We All Just Be Friends?
PC's David Battles UNIX Goliath
PCs are creating big waves in information systems.

Available Now at a Computer Near You
Geologists Gain an Eye in the Sky
New technology and falling prices are bringing big-league tools to small computer screens.

Independents Face Decisions
Computer System Choices Vital

When geologists strike out on their own, whether by choice or by force, is the PC the kids play games on at home enough? or do you need a second mortgage?

See That You Don't Get Too Hot 3-D
Gets Heavy (Oil) Duty Workout
3-D tools examined for Modeling and visualization;
Planning horizontal well paths; Building reservoir monitoring data.

AVO Adds Flavor To Seismic Soup
A seismic technique is explained. AVO, which stands for Amplitude Variations with Offset -- or, more simply, Amplitude Versus Offset.

Meeting Exhibited 'Realistic Optimism'
San Antonio Provides Solid Setting for Looking Ahead

Delegates Approve Panel's Proposal
International Rep Issue Gets OK

Invited-Only Papers Spotlight Future Elephants
Top-Level Pratt II Confab Readied

Document Actions To Avoid 'Shuffle'

CAREERS: Are You Facing a Dead End or a New Start?
Attitude, Strategies Help Shape Career Transitions

A Question of Ethics:
What Do YOU Think?


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