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This month's EXPLORER cover is a reminder that some eye-popping geologic encounters can be experienced through various AAPG field seminars -- and now's the time to make travel plans. The top photo shows the Precambrian Belt Supergroup that can be found at Thunderbird Mountain in Montana's Glacier National Park, a view that will be enjoyed on AAPG's "E&P in Thrusted TerrainsÓ field seminar, set July 26-30, beginning in Great Falls, Mont., and ending in Calgary, Canada. The bottom photo shows geologists visiting Neoproterozoic volcaniclastic sandstone -- bearing impressions of an Ediacaran fossil assemblage -- in Charnwood Forest, England, a tour that will be offered Sept. 12 in conjunction with the AAPG international conference and exhibition in Birmingham, England. Contact AAPG's education and convention departments for more information. Top photo by John Karachewski; bottom photo courtesy of Tim Pharaoh.

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