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Geology takes explorers to extremely diverse locations, and this month's EXPLORER covers two of the extremes. Climbing Mount Everest, the earth's highest point, was the quest of one AAPG member who saw his dream come true last year (after a 10-year wait and at least one failed attempt). Photos by Pasquale Scaturro. The Geco-Prakla Orion and the Gulf of Mexico provided the setting for a different -- but record-setting --experience.
Photo courtesy of Schlumberger/Geco-Prakla.

Action Is Pledged For the Members

Efforts Focus on Training, Information
Career Initiatives Launched

Career Issues Targeted
Moves to Assist Members Funded

Looking for 'Plumbing' to Tap
East Breaks Gains Deep Interest

It's the Technology -- Not the Taxi
Ugly Boat Becomes Drag Queen

Knowledge Vs. Information
Is Expertise Same As Exclusive Data?

Broad View or Niche Expertise?
Educators Face Strategic Choices

But, First-Come, First-Served
There's Still Time For Courses, Trips

Are You Seeking A Job -- or Work?
You Are Self-Employed; Believe It

Top of the World Has Great View
He Wants to Do It Again

'Petroleum Provinces of the 21st Century'
Select Pratt II Conference Set for January

Gallagher Assumes Convention Reins
Riggs to Head New Member Center

A Question of Ethics: What Do YOU Think?

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