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This form is for submitting a proposal for a field seminar. Additional supplementary documents or materials may be included for reference purposes. Be sure to use the exact title or topic and email address with all submittals for identification purposes. This form MUST be completed to ensure timely and accurate review by the AAPG Education Committee.

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Seminar Objectives: What practical applications will the attendee take away from the seminar in terms of knowledge and job enhancement?

Content: Include key topics to be addressed

Primary mode of transportation for the group: Please also email a daily itinerary of the seminar, including stops, times, lecture topics and speakers.

Budget: Based on your budget figures and break-even attendance numbers, please let us know your best estimate for:

Minimum number of attendees:

Maximum number of attendees:

Course Notes/Field Guide to be given to attendees:
Number of pages, percentage mixture of text and figures, number of workshop exercises, glossary of terms, etc.

Special Arrangements:
Describe any special arrangements required such as overflights, boat trips, etc. If you are holding any lecture sessions in addition to the field work, please let us know what A/V equipment you include in your budget figures. Also, indicate materials each attendee will be required to bring such as calculator, rock hammer, field glasses, Brunton compass, etc.

Approxmate tuition fee and what that includes:
Meals, lodging, park entry fees, overflights, etc.? Remember: AAPG retains 25% of each tuition to cover publicity and administrative expenses. This amount should be included in your tuition figure.

Is a specific location preferred for this course? If so, where and why?

Additional information not covered above you feel is pertinent to the uniqueness of this course:

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