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How to propose a course to AAPG

Short Course and Field Seminar proposals can be submitted using the convenient on-line forms. Please follow the links and guidelines for the type of course you are interested in proposing. The forms can also be downloaded to be sent in by postal mail if you prefer.

There are two formats to choose from:

  1. Conceptual: If you have an idea or “concept” about a course you’d like to teach, and want to find out if the committee would be receptive, you can submit a “concept proposal” to give us a brief outline of your idea;
  2. Formal: If you have a full course you’ve developed and/or given before, and can include a lot more detail, you can submit the “formal proposal” form. If you initially submit a “concept proposal”, and the committee likes your idea, you will most likely be asked to provide more detail by completing the “formal proposal” form for review by the entire committee.
    1. Short Course / School Proposal
    2. Field Seminar Proposal

Proposals for courses to be considered as AAPG offerings should be sent to the Geoscience Director at AAPG. They are evaluated by the Geoscience Dept., as well as the Education Committee of AAPG as to content, timeliness, and potential audience appeal. A response is then given to the instructor once a decision about the proposal has been made. If the course is approved, it will most likely be offered in the calendar year following acceptance.

Courses proposed for domestic and international conventions are usually limited to one to two days in length with one or two instructors. In addition to the Geoscience Dept. and the Education Committee, approval for these courses is also determined by the technical committee for the meeting. These courses are usually chosen over a year in advance, so proposals must be received at least 15 to 18 months before the convention date.

Proposals should be submitted to the AAPG Education Department.

AAPG Education Department: P. O. Box 979 • Tulsa, OK 74101  • FAX: 918-560-2678

Susan Nash
AAPG Education & Professional Development Director

Debbi Boonstra
AAPG Education Coordinator


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