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Guidelines for Submitting Course Proposals to AAPG

AAPG has a variety of course programs for both public and in-house offerings. When submitting a proposal, please be sure to let us know in which of these programs you would like to participate – and you are welcome to be part of more than one!

Short Courses

Short Courses are courses that are either one or two days in length. They are primarily lecture content, but can also include some class exercises to illustrate various course topics or processes. Typically refreshment breaks are provided, but no meals. Learn more ...


Schools are similar to Short Courses except that they are three days or longer, and can include additional elements, such as a field trip day or a core workshop. Class exercises are almost always interspersed with the lectures to show practical application of the ideas and techniques being taught. Refreshment breaks are included, but usually no meals, unless a “working lunch” is necessary for a particular day of the course. Box lunches would be included on field trip days. Learn more ...

Field Seminars

Field Seminars are primarily field courses with optional lecture portions included in the evenings. These seminars may begin and end in the same location, but frequently travel from one area to another (or several) during the course of the seminar. These seminars can be anywhere from four to 10 days in length. Frequently, lodging and some meals are included as part of the cost of the course. Learn more ...

Training Partners/Training on Demand (formerly Training Seminars)

This program is for in-house presentations requested by a particular geological society, company or national oil group with a particular education criteria in mind. They may request a specific course from our available offerings, or a particular topic or curriculum needed. Also, AAPG may suggest courses that fit their criteria. Courses in this category can range anywhere from four hours to 10 days in length, and the duration would be determined by the sponsoring organization. These courses are often scheduled for international companies or groups.

How to propose a course to AAPG

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