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Natural Gas Geochemistry: Recent Developments, Applications, and Technologies

AAPG Hedberg Research Conference organized through the AAPG Research Committee
Conference Conveners
Dr. Shuichang Zhang
Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
Dr. Yongchun Tang
Power Environmental Energy Research Institute, California, USA

May 9-12, 2011
Beijing, China


In the recent decades natural gas geochemistry has been facing increasing demand to deal with the complicity of natural gas exploration, including a deep understanding of formation, migration and accumulation of natural gas, which is not restricted to the oil-rich regions. New activities such as extensive unconventional gas exploration, risk and opportunity of non-hydrocarbon gases, CO2 sequestration with enhanced oil recovery bring about new tasks in natural gas geochemistry. This meeting reviewed the application of natural geochemistry to the solution of the above key problems; attendees shared and broadened the understanding of current applications, best practices and future directions of natural gas geochemistry.


The meeting comprised of four days of interactive oral and poster sessions with all attendees required to contribute actively with ideas, research questions, and current knowledge. The keynote talks were allocated 45 minutes including 10 minutes discussion time; other talks were allocated 30 minutes including 10 minutes discussion. Convener talks were discouraged. Optional post conference field trips to the Qinshui Basin, Shanxi Province (3 days), The Forbidden City (1 day), and The Great Wall of China (1 day) occurred.


Talks and Papers were solicited as follows:

  • New theoretical and technical progresses in application of natural gas carbon and hydrogen isotopes
  • Formation and distribution of shallow biogenic gas
  • Generation and distribution of high-mature gas
  • Geochemical assessment on shale gas and tight-sand gas
  • Formation and distribution of non-hydrocarbon gases, including N2, CO2, mechanism of Thermal Sulfur Reduction (TSR) and prediction of H2S risk

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