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AAPG Education Department

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74101-0979

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Toll Free (U.S. and Canada)


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AAPG Committee on Education


Your Best Strategy for Petroleum Education

We think you'll agree with leaders of the world’s largest oil companies. Every year they send their best people and teams to AAPG short courses, schools, and conferences. These companies credit continuing education as necessary “to get the best in upstream training” as part of their career success.

Our professors and mentors all draw on actual industry experience to make their teaching more relevant. AAPG emphasizes hands-on experience in addition to formal presentation.


Get a quick career boost. Attend a Forum.

This is a new teaching environment for AAPG. The Forum goal is to maximize knowledge transfer by encouraging lively interaction and thoughtful consideration of experts' findings, experience, and insights. Practicing experts provide in-depth presentations on topics that have immediate bearing on success in exploration, development, and operations.

Course Proposal System

Is there a course you would like to see AAPG offer? Do you have a field trip you would like to present through AAPG? Use this new online system to submit your suggestions.

Education Catalog
(1.65 Mb 52-page PDF)
Education Catalog

Short Courses

Short courses are the best way to learn about the industry and packed with information. With so many to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Shaw course

Using the tools you need taught in the AAPG course Seismic Interpretation in Fold and Thrust Belts taught by John Shaw.

Education Conferences

These conferences are offered in the winter and the fall for five great days of Geoscience training and include some of the best courses AAPG has to offer. Mix and match the courses to optimize your learning experience.

Online Courses

Can’t get away from the office to take a short course? Is there no class in the subject you want offered in your area? Try these online course offerings. These range from short module -- to help you brush up your skills -- to semester length courses with written assignments each week. And with the offerings in the works and being planned this is definitely an area to keep your eye on.

Shaw course
Companion field seminar, Seismic Interpretation of Compressive Structures, also lead by John Shaw, takes you to the Canadian Rockies to appy the tools taught in Houston.

Field Seminars

Getting out in the field and being able to touch, see and feel the objects of your training makes for the best possible experience. Our seminars are designed to maximize your time and travel with a combination of field work, lecture and class work.

PTTC - Petroleum Technology Transfer CouncilPetroleum Technology Transfer Council

AAPG has assumed a management role of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. PTTC has been providing technology transfer workshops tailored especially to the independent oil and gas operator since 1994. PTTC offers a number of reasonably priced short courses related to geology, geophysics, engineering, and operations at locations across the U.S. Details on upcoming events from PTTC and other industry organizations are maintained at their Web site at: Registration for these events will be handled locally by each course provider as outlined at the PTTC Web site.

Other Education Resources

Check your calendar against ours and see how you can mesh with AAPG meetings, educational opportunities and events.
Distinguished Lecture Program
Chosen for their expertise, these individuals tour twice a year giving lectures to local societies, universities and others wanting to learn more.
Hedberg Research Conferences
Specially designed conferences centering on specific geoscience technology and industry issues.
Special Programs for Students and Professors
These benefits offered to college students and professors help AAPG facilitate the courses or discount fees due to special grants from individuals and businesses.
Slide Vault
An online resource of slides to assist someone giving a public presentation. These slides for download have been developed by the AAPG membership and the topics are wide and varied.
Visiting Geoscientist Program
AAPG has many volunteers who are willing to visit your campus or school. They want to help students expand their knowledge and have generously made themselves available for a campus visit.
From time to time AAPG offers workshops topically focused and often jointly with other similar-interest societies to maximize our resources.
The Joint Committee on Reserves Evaluator Training has launched a Web site providing contact information and FAQs about JCORET. Training materials and instructions for creating training materials are also featured.

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