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Preservation of Geoscience Data Committee

(formerly Preservation of Samples and Cores Committee)

The mission of the AAPG Committee on Preservation of Geoscience Data is to promote collection, preservation, and utilization of samples and cores as well as those data directly attributable to this rock material to include core analysis, sample descriptions, and stratigraphic assignment. A priority is placed on identifying established repositories and constructing automated linkages between potential users and the data listings of these archives. The committee will encourage and support both the AAPG membership and any other individual or appropriate organization in accomplishing this mission.

Annual Meeting Agenda

Room 339 AB at the Hilton Americas Hotel
(AAPG Headquarters Hotel)
Houston, TX

8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Preservation of Geoscience Data Brochure pdf
A brochure created to explain the purpose behind preserving samples and cores. Answering such questions as why it matters and how people can help.
AAPG Preservation of Geoscience Data ppt
A set of slides created by Patrick Gooding, former chair of the Preservation of Geoscience Data Committee.

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AAPG members who would like to serve on this committee should contact the chairman to discuss their interests and how they might contribute. Special expertise is rarely a requirement, but committee members are expected to be active participants. The chairman can usually make suggestions to you about what tasks would make use of your talents.

The Full List of AAPG Committees page has links to email addresses of committee chairmen.


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