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Regions Committee (IRC)

. . . because geology knows no borders

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Region Representatives of Key AAPG Committees

During 2009-2010, with the increased focus on globalizing AAPG, the International Regions Committee undertook the task of facilitating and nominating high-level representatives from each Region to serve on key AAPG Committees. This is an on-going initiative, and qualified nominations are welcomed. Follow the link to see the name, company, country, Region and committee term of the representative from your Region. Download List

IRC Reports

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Mission Statement

The mission of the International Regions Committee is to promote international participation in the AAPG by providing a forum for international members and affiliated societies to communicate with the Executive Committee (EC); to provide support and counsel to AAPG committees and international regions and their associated service teams in aspects of international education, conferences, research and membership; and to help identify candidates for AAPG awards and honors.