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AAPG 2008 Call for Papers Annual Meeting at San Antonio, Texas

In keeping with the theme of the 2008 convention, Deliver the Conventional; Pursue the Unconventional, two technical sessions, “Return to the Moon: Research, Resources, and Reward,” and “ Astrogeology: A Far-Sighted Look at Unconventional Resources” are planned for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2008 Annual Convention and Exposition held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center during Fiesta Week (April 20-23, 2008) in San Antonio, Texas.

Return to the Moon: Research, Resources and Rewards

In the advent of NASA's planned return to the Moon in the next decade and possible private sector resource-related activity there, a variety of important technical issues will need to be addressed to ensure a stable lunar settlement, exploration and development of lunar resources, efficient and economic extraction of resources, and an improved understanding of Lunar surface and subsurface materials and processes.

The technical session “Return to the Moon: Research, Resources, and Rewards,” co-chaired by Harrison H. Schmitt and William A. Ambrose will address many of these issues. The scope of the session will encompass lunar resource economics and exploration, surficial and subsurface materials and processes, resources such as Helium-3, consumables and propellants, resource extraction technology, and future missions to the Moon.

Astrogeology: A Far-Sighted Look at Unconventional Resources

Our lives depend in part upon our ability to locate and extract natural resources. To travel beyond Earth's orbit to Mars and destinations beyond, we must locate and harvest more distant resources. This requires that we adapt current or develop new technologies for locating, evaluating, and efficiently recovering in situ resources.

This technical session will address processes or features that may influence or indicate the presence and distribution of potential resources at or below planetary surfaces, technologies for detecting and evaluating surface and subsurface resources, and technologies for efficient and economic recovery and utilization of in situ resources.

Session co-chairs Darrell Sims and Cynthia Dinwiddie welcome submissions from the planetary community and particularly encourage submissions from industry and Earth scientists regarding practical methods for eliciting information about the potential presence of planetary resources and technologies for in situ resource utilization.

The period for AAPG 2008 abstract submission is August 27 to September 27, 2007. Learn more about AAPG 2008 in San Antonio. Visit http://www.aapg.org/sanantonio/.



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